BEAVERTON-- With the Sochi Olympic Games just a few weeks away, many athletes are getting ready for competition.

Others, like two teenagers from Portland, are looking to the future to fulfill their Olympic dreams.

Chloe Rose-Lewis and Logan Bye are ice dancers.

Our ultimate dream is to go to the Olympics said 13-year-old Rose-Lewis.

She and her 15-year-old partner have been skating together for four years. Both started skating solo but found skating together was perfect for them.

Skating with another person takes off the nervousness, Bye said. It's nice to know there's somebody there.

The pair just returned from the U.S. Figure Skating Nationals. They were some of the youngest skaters there but still managed to place sixth in the ice dancing juniors.

While they'll still be young as far as ice dancers go in 2018; they hope to get a shot at the Olympic team. No matter what, they'll keep working to try to reach their Olympic goal.

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