A Bellevue police officer who was charged with DUI and reprimanded for an off-duty incident during a Seahawks game has resigned.

Bellevue Police Department announced the resignation of Officer Andrew Hanke, effectively immediately.

As we move forward, my hope is that we rebuild the public's trust and continue our focus on the great work that the men and women of this Department do every day, Bellevue Police Chief Linda Pillo stated in a news release.

In November, Hanke was pulled over by another Bellevue police officer after he was observed for swerving on I-90 near Issaquah. The next day, Hanke was put on administrative leave, and the incident prompted Issaquah prosecutors to file DUI charges.

The officer who made the stop is under investigation for allowing Hanke's wife to come pick him up instead of arresting him.

Hanke was also involved in a highly publicized 2012 incident at a Seattle Seahawks game, in which he was accused of aggressive and obscene behavior. The incident prompted the police chief to remove him from the Bellevue police bomb squad and suspend him for 30 days.

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