MILWAUKIE, Ore. -- After more than two decades publishing the Star Wars comic, Dark Horse will have to say goodbye to Luke and Leia.

Disney now owns Star Wars and wants to make its own comic so Dark Horse Comics, based in Milwaukie, Ore., loses out.

Company owner Mike Richardson is invested. He's a guy who saw the original Star Wars more than 20 times in the theater.

We were 'Star Wars' geeks and we wanted it, Richardson said. Lucasfilm had a woman working there named Lucy Wilson and I pestered her constantly.

It finally worked.

In 1991, Dark Horse got the Star Wars comic book franchise that was originally published by Marvel, kicking off more than two decades of Luke, Leia and Vader.

But then Mickey came into the picture.

Disney, which owns Marvel Comics, bought Lucasfilm more than a year ago. It didn't take a Jedi mind to figure out what would happen next.

We ended up pulling the license from Marvel, so I guess after 22 years they got even and pulled it back. Disney had to get involved to do it though, Richardson said.

Richardson knows business is business and he wishes Marvel well. Knowing he'd likely lose Star Wars, he's prepared a lot of other new projects.

He said Dark Horse just had its best year yet, and Star Wars made up about 4 to 6 percent of his bottom line. Richardson admits, it made up a lot more of his company's heart.

Do I want Star Wars back? Yes. So we ll bide our time and see what happens in the future, he said.

Dark Horse will continue publishing Star Wars through this year, giving it time to wrap up story lines some fans have been reading now for decades.

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