VANCOUVER, Wa. -- A Vancouver family wants to say thank you to the Vancouver Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff's Office for saving Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, thieves broke into the Weisser s home while they were away at a Christmas party. The family came home to a ransacked home.

The burglars had smashed in through the back door to get into the house.

They took everything - all our Christmas presents were gone, said Sheryl Weisser. It's a huge violation and it's very upsetting.

The burglars also stole 16-year-old Haley s car, several TVs, movies and other electronics from the home.

I was like, 'where is my car'! So we had to call the police again and report that, Haley said.

The family was devastated over the burglary and didn t have time to replace the Christmas gifts.

As soon as my mom told me, she was crying and my heart just dropped. I was like, oh my gosh. It kind of brought down the Christmas joy, said Sheryl s son Jacob Weathers.

But a few hours later, the family got a Christmas surprise. The Vancouver Police Department had tracked down the stolen car, which had most of the presents still inside.

At 3 o'clock in the morning we had a knock at the door. I opened up the door and there were six police officers holding our gifts and they all came in and put our gifts down and they all got hugs from me! Sheryl said with a big smile.

She said police had also arrested the thieves.

My dad told me that the police officers brought back our gifts. It was kind of like a Santa Claus moment so it was pretty cool, said Haley.

The family got the car as well as the gifts back just in time for the kids to open them Christmas morning.

Although not all of the gifts were recovered, the family said most importantly, they are grateful they are safe and spending the holiday together.

You learn that even if you don't have presents and stuff, it really isn't about that, said Haley. You can still go on and have a great Christmas.

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