PORTLAND, Ore. -- It was a very special Christmas Day for a local family after a challenging pregnancy and an early delivery of their twins.

Two months ago, the Nelson family had mono-mono twins meaning they share the same amniotic sac, which is both a rare and high risk . The twins spent several weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit andmore than two months at Providence St. Vincent Hospital.

All along, the Nelsons hoped the twins could make it home in time for the holiday.

On a scale of one to ten, I d say it was about a thousand, Sarah Nelson after being able to bring her twins home just a few days before Christmas.

It s really been through the roof. It s an amazing Christmas. We really wanted XMAS babies, and we really wanted them to be home for Christmas, and here they are.

The twins only weighed about four pounds each when they were born, but mom and dad report they are eating well now and gaining weight every day.

Their older brother and sister say having the twins home for the holiday made this a perfect family Christmas.

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