PORTLAND -- A pedestrian died after being struck by a car in Northeast Portland Tuesday afternoon while walking her dog, authorities said.

The victim was identified Wednesday as ViJay Dalton-Gibson, 59, of Portland.

Investigators said Dalton-Gibson was walking her dog in a marked crosswalk near the intersection of Northeast 117th Avenue and Northeast Glisan Street when she was hit by the car, police said.

Paramedics treated Dalton-Gibson at the scene, but she could not be saved, authorities said. The dog was not hurt in the crash.

It brings sadness to the neighborhood, said Richard Wood. People around here are in shock.

JeanAnn Thompson, 80, was driving the vehicle that struck the pedestrian. Police said she remained at the scene and cooperated with investigators.

She's very shaken up understandably, said Sgt. Pete Simpson.

The intersection of Northeast 117th Avenue and Northeast Glisan Street is a crossing area that has been identified for improvement by the Portland Bureau of Transportation. PBOT spokeswoman Diane Dulken said a rapid flash beacon is needed, which pedestrians could activate to give drivers an extra warning at the busy intersection.

PBOT does not have funding to add the beacon at this time but it is slated as a future project, Dulken said.

Safety is our top priority, said Dulken. We want to continue to improve streets so people can be safe throughout the city.

Dulken also shared safety tips for both motorists and pedestrians. Motorists can help by watching for pedestrians who have the right of way in a crosswalk. Pedestrians are advised to make sure cars have stopped before crossing and wear lighter clothing to make themselves more visible at this time of the year when light is dimmer and days are shorter.


A previous versions of this story listed Dalton-Gibson as 55 years old and Thompson as 59 years old. Portland police corrected its information and the story has been updated to reflect the changes.

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