PORTLAND -- Portland is known for being chock-full of coffee roasters. But a new roaster is setting itself apart from the pack.

Happy Cup Coffee is more than just a cheery name. The Northeast Portland company gives jobs to adults with developmental disabilities.

The holiday spirit is alive and well at the company's roasting center, where coffee roasters are happily prepping for Christmas purchases.

Happy Cup Coffee was started as a means to employ adults with developmental disabilities, said Adam Bray, Happy Cup's operations director.

The coffee is named by the employees themselves.

We really are getting very excited about the holiday season, said Bray.

On any given day, about a dozen folks are working to stamp bags, attach labels and sort and weigh the coffee beans. Happy Cup has only been around for two years, but it sells to nearly 30 grocery stores around the Portland area.

Bray said every bag of coffee helps folks with disabilities.

Happy Cup Coffee can be found at most of the specialty grocery stores and co-ops around the Portland metro area.

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