PORTLAND -- Police documents released to KGW Thursday describe how two men allegedly took advantage of a 13-year-old runaway as part of what police have said was a human trafficking operation in Beaverton.

An affidavit details interviews conducted between police, the two men and the alleged victim.

Victor Moreno-Hernandez, 27, and Steven Jason Toth, 42, were arrested on Wednesday by Beaverton police. Both men were charged with compelling prostitution and a raft of other charges that included sex abuse.

Documents show that police went to Arizona to interview the victim at a residential treatment center for at-risk adolescent girls where she was staying. She said she met Moreno-Hernandez, 27 at the time, at a taco truck outside the Royal Manor Apartments at 4125 SW Lombard Ave. in Beaverton when she was still 13 years old, documents say.

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The girl said she was staying at a Motel 6 with another man and that Moreno-Hernandez invited her to stay with him. The girl said she lived with Moreno-Hernandez for over a month and they quickly started having sex daily, according to documents. Moreno-Hernandez told the girl he had a son and that he was not allowed to contact the boy due to prior criminal convictions, documents say.

Moreno-Hernandez confessed that he was a registered sex offender and that the two had to be careful because she was a runaway and a minor, according to the girl s statements.

Moreno-Hernandez, however, claimed the girl told him she was 19 when he met her. He said the girl claimed she lived with several men, drank alcohol with all the men and had sex with them too, documents say. He said the girl complained of severe stomach pains and that he took her to Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro the following day. He then offered for her to stay with him instead. He said he only had sex with her twice.

The girl claimed that Moreno-Hernandez helped her get a fake birth certificate, social security card and Mexican resident alien card under the name Jazymn Madelina Reyes, which said she was born in Dec. 1993. She said that Moreno-Hernandez introduced her to a man named Steve at Stars Cabaret in Beaverton. She said that Steve had bad teeth and was old and ugly. She said that Moreno-Hernandez and Steve discussed the girl. She correctly identified a picture of Steve Toth during the police interview, documents say.

Moreno-Hernandez (above) was arrested on Wednesday and charged with compelling prostitution.

After meeting her, she claims she told Toth that she was 13. She claimed that Toth then offered to drive her home. The girl claimed Toth instead drove her to an area behind some trees and parked. He then threatened to expose her to police and pressured her to have sex with him, documents say.

On another occasion she said Toth took her to his home after promising to buy her a cell phone. He then threatened her with a handgun. She claimed she had oral sex with Toth in exchange for marijuana. Toth also has a medical marijuana card, according to the document.

Toth stated that he met the girl when he was the manager of the Beaverton Stars Cabaret and knew her as Jasmine (different spelling). Toth said the girl told him she was 18 and was accompanied by a man he thought was her boyfriend. Six weeks after they first met he said the girl returned and said she was out on her own and needed help. He did not deny sexual encounters with the girl but described them as consensual, documents say.

More documents in the case are expected to be released in the coming days.

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