VANCOUVER Police located a missing 5-month-old and arrested two suspects Saturday after a Vancouver couple ran away with the infant before he could be taken into the custody of Child Protective Services.

Jaxon Smith was being taken into custody by county child protective services on Nov. 27 when Jaxon s mother, Summer Smith, 36, and father Kasey McKernan, 31, fled with the child.

According to police, McKernan assaulted a social worker, grabbed the boy and took off in a pickup truck driven by Smith.

After already making a series of arrests in the case, police found Jaxon Smith and Summer Smith at a home on West 19th Street in Vancouver. Summer Smith was arrested on outstanding warrants and will be booked in the Clark County Jail.

Another man, 49-year-old John Maxwell was at the residence and arrested on outstanding warrants. McKernan is still at large, Vancouver police said.

Thursday evening police arrested seven other people in connection to the case.

Ashlynd Delaplaine, 21; Eric L. Gross, 43; Russell Majerus, 25; Timothy Duke, 43; Michael Gloyd, 44; Ryan Bean, 27; and Richard W. Countryman, 33 were arrested based on police investigation, outstanding warrants and drug charges, police said.

Thursday afternoon, 33-year-old Michael Grant Fuller was arrested on charges of kidnapping and rendering criminal assistance in connection with the case. But police still had not found Jaxon or his parents.

The pickup was identified as a black 1996 Chevrolet S-10 with Washington license plate A11272U.

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