PORTLAND The TV, film and video game design community is expanding into the realm of motion capture.

When Clackamas Community College announced it would hold a class in motion capture it filled within hours.

It's the schools next evolution in digital media that will expand Oregon's already booming film, TV and video game design industry.

Sometimes what you see isn t what you get.

Motion capture is a term used when human motion is mapped to a computer generated image.

It's LED lights, 16 cameras, capture suits, computers, and then comes the action.

Subjects wear black suits covered in small red LED lights. Those LED's show up as data points. Then a 3D model is applied to the LED points and the performer turns into a digital image.

Actually, there's nothing like this in the State of Oregon, said Andy Mingo with the Digital Media Department at Clackamas Community College. It captures a performance basically in a stick figure that's processed into the computer.

Clackamas Community College is the first to offer a course in mo cap.

Students will come learn how set it up, utilize and apply motion capture sessions through 3D models, Mingo said. Clackamas County has identified the film and media industry as one of its core growth industries.

It s a $95,000 investment that s already paying off. The class filled up immediately and the program promises to be a jobs creator. It's also a welcome addition to the state s growing video game design industry.

We've had clients come up to us and say can you do motion capture services, said Damon Redmond of Supergenius Studio. But unfortunately there isn't a studio around [here] for us to rent. Until now, because what you see is really what you get in this new virtual reality.

If you're interested in finding out more about the classes contact Clackamas Community College.

Classes will be held four times a year.

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