CLATSKANIE, Ore. -- The principal of Clatskanie Middle/High School, who along with the district is the subject of a federal sexual discrimination lawsuit, put in his letter of resignation Monday.

Jeff Baughman was placed on paid indefinite leave from the district in October, and his resignation, which takes effect Sept. 2014, was accepted at the Clatskanie School District s Board meeting Monday, according to Superintendent Lloyd Hartley.

Hartley said Baughman s resignation was part of an agreement between the school district and Baughman s attorney. Baughman will remain on leave and collect his $86,212 in salary up until his official last day.

Hartley has never said why Baughman was placed on leave, but the announcement came weeks after a $5 million federal lawsuit was filed in Portland accusing the principal and the district of creating a culture of sextortion, bullying and sexual discrimination at the school.

That culture allowed for male students to prey upon unsuspecting younger females as they entered the school, causing two students to attempt suicide, the lawsuit says.

The district has repeatedly declined to comment on the allegations.

Earlier this month, two of the plaintiffs sat down with KGW and detailed their experience leading to the suit.

Josi Harrison, Laura Lefebver, and another girl who asked to not be named, where 12 and 13 years old at the time of the alleged abuse and described how they were pressured into giving naked pictures of themselves to their boyfriends.

The girls said after sending pictures, they were harassed and threatened so badly it drove one girl to attempt suicide. Meanwhile, they said the school had a cavalier attitude towards bullying, and under Baughman, a culture developed where male athletes ruled the school and could do whatever they wanted without fear of discipline.

One boy initially faced attempted rape charges in an initial lawsuit but later admitted to lesser charges of harassment and public indecency.

Hartley said the district is moving forward and excited about new principal, Amy McNeil, who was the former Vice Principal and will assume all duties while Baughman remains on leave.

This resignation has no impact positive or negative concerning the federal lawsuit. We re moving forward, Hartley said.

In early November, KGW went to Baughman s Clatskanie home. He would not comment on the lawsuit and suggested all questions be directed to his lawyer who failed to return phone calls.

Baughman was not able to be reached by phone Wednesday.

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