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PORTLAND -- The region woke up Wednesday to temperatures hovering around freezing, with commuters who had parked outside scraping ice off windshields.Expect those conditions to continue until early next week.


At least we'll see mostly sunny skies today with temps in the mid to upper 40 and lower 50s, said KGW meteorologist Nick Allard. It'll be a little gusty at times with northeast wind at 10 to mph with occasionally higher gusts.

The Portland Housing Bureau issued a Severe Weather Notice warning that the wind chill factor could go below 25 degrees beginning Wednesday night and warming shelters will open if needed.

Officials said anyone seeking shelter can dial 2-1-1 to find the closest warming center and its hours. Updates will also be posted online.

Current Conditions in Oregon and Washington

7-Day Outlook

Allard said Wednesday morning temperatures from Newport to Salem and Portland were fully 20 degrees colder than Tuesday morning.

With clearing skies and cold temperatures comes the danger of windchill injury. Here's a chart to calculate the wind chill factor.

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