SALEM The state issued new instructions Monday companies insuring individuals and small businesses with health insurance plans due to expire under the Affordable Care Act.

The offer applies to individuals and small group plans that were in effect as of Oct. 1 2014 and that no longer meet the minimum standards set by the Affordable Care Act, said Oregon Insurance Commissioner Laura Cali.

The plans can now be renewed for either three months or one year. The individuals and small groups can also apply for subsidized plans under Cover Oregon.

With time running out for nonconforming plans, insurers of individual plans have until Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 and small businesses plans have until Nov. 29 to tell the state what they want to do. Cali said.

Those with a nonconforming plans will not qualify for a subsidy through Cover Oregon.

According to the state, premiums for such renewed plans won t change.

Many people will qualify for financial assistance to buy plans through Cover Oregon with more comprehensive benefits and financial protection available... Cali said. Cover Oregon is processing applications now, and people should send them in as soon as possible for a Jan. 1, 2014 start date.

The Affordable Care Act has gotten off to a rocky start. Both the federal and state websites, launched on Oct. 1, have largely failed to operate.

Recent news that millions of American s with plans ACA deems substandard will have to get new insurance has roiled the initiative s political opponents.

In Oregon, as many as 150,000 residents could lose their coverage. On Thursday, President Barack Obama announced changes that would allow for limited renewals of nonconforming policies.

As of Monday, the Associated Press reported that Cover Oregon had received 18,000 applications, but that the state had failed to actually enroll a single person.

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