PORTLAND -- Drug investigators said a heroin dealer, who they re trying to link to deadly overdose, let them to his supplier.

Court records show that on Tuesday, Nov. 5, members of Portland Police Bureau s Drugs and Vice Division arrested 24-year-old Jonathan Godoy-Franco and two others after finding 1.384 grams of heroin and 1.339 grams of methamphetamine hidden in the dash of their car.

Godoy-Franco and his two co-defendants drove up from California, court records show.

Police believe Godoy-Franco is a supplier for Corey Rodarte, 27, and that the seized drugs were bound for the streets of Portland.

News Channel 8 rode alone with drug investigators last month when they arrested Rodarte. Police described him as known heroin dealer, who may have sold heroin to a man who overdosed and died in Portland on Oct. 21.

Background: Arrest after suspected Portland dealer ODs

If lab tests confirm the connection Rodarte could face a lengthy prison sentence.

The investigator on the case, who we re not identifying because of sensitive nature of his work, is happy to have disrupted, if only temporarily, the local heroin supply.

We don t know how many overdoses this guy was responsible for. He could be responsible for ones we never learn about, the investigator said. So being able to put somebody who was a direct source to the Portland metropolitan area in jail is very satisfying.

Drug investigators said there is a deadly heroin overdose roughly every three days in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Aside from the drugs, police said they also found a stolen .22 caliber handgun in the car the three suspects were driving.

All three defendants remain in the Multnomah County Jail.

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