BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Over the course of a vacation 4-year-old Elliott Muhs went from a bubbly little girl to someone her parents hardly recognized.

All of a sudden the seemingly healthy girl s heart stopped working. It's beating normally again. So now it's her family's turn to heal their own broken hearts.

Emerson Muhs is hardly shy, but her twin sister Elliott as always been the boss. Things have dramatically changed. In May, Elliott got sick in Hawaii and by the time they got home, they had to rush her to the hospital because Elliott's heart wasn't functioning properly

She coded. She went into complete cardiac arrest, said Elliott s mother Torey.

She is a nurse at Legacy Emanuel and she watched her colleagues perform CPR on her daughter for four hours. Elliott finally came back. But even after months in the hospital, she wasn't the same.

It's so good to be home as a family. It s really hard that Elliot s not Elliot, Torey said.

For the most part we're dealing with the brain injury she suffered because of the lack of oxygen to her brain, Elliott s father said.

Elliott isn't talking or walking. She's in therapy and insurance only goes so far. So this weekend, friends and total strangers prepare outfits for a benefit fun run. All the support helps her mother focus on hope.

(We hope) that we get her back. That she's walking and talking and is the same crazy, feisty little girl she was prior to all this, Torey said.

The Kidz On the Run benefit for Elliott happens Sunday morning at Findley Elementary School.

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