HILLSBORO, Ore. Officers shot and killed a man who pulled out a gun and fired at them during a traffic stop in Hillsboro Friday night, police said.

Around 9:40 p.m., officers pulled over a Honda Accord on Southeast 13th Avenue near Southeast Maple Street. A K-9 then alerted cops to possible drugs in the vehicle, said Lt. Michael Rouches with Hillsboro Police.

That's when the front passenger pulled out a handgun and started blasting, Rouches said.

The officer dodged the close-range gunfire while her partner returned fire. The suspect, whom police have not named, was hit several times and taken to the hospital where he died, Rouches said.

Neighbors slowly began coming out of their homes to see what was happening after hearing the gunshots and seeing the streets teaming with police and sheriff's deputies.

A stray bullet could have come in through our house, said neighbor Tara Taylor who heard the gunshots. I fear for my kids all the time.

Neither officer was seriously injured. The other three people in the car were detained by police pending further investigation.

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