PORTLAND Video obtained by KGW Thursday shows a stabbing rampage on a TriMet bus in Oregon City that left several passengers and the driver injured last year.

The video shows passengers grappling with then 19-year-old Austin Vanhagen as he stabbed the driver, two passengers and bit a third passenger.

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Vanhagen was found guilty on several assault counts and was sentenced to 15 years in prison Tuesday.

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In the video, Vanhagen is seen charging into the bus as passengers and the driver try to force the doors closed.

It was absolute chaos, said driver Leonard James.

After attacking passengers, a screaming Vanhagen, knife in hand, is pinned against a hand rail inside the bus.

Arriving officers are then seen hitting Vanhagen with an electric shock from a Taser and taking the knife from him.

Vanhagen reportedly boarded the bus at the Oregon City Transit Center and yelled some racial slurs, then stepped back off the bus at Clairmont Way.

Witnesses said he then stabbed one person five times while outside the bus.

Passenger John Olechea said after that, Vanhagen punched him in the face, and then re-boarded the bus. Once back on the bus, he stabbed another passenger five times and then went after the driver, who he reportedly stabbed once in the stomach.

He made it count, said James.

Of the injured passengers, one of them had five knife wounds in the back, another was stabbed five times on the chest, leg and back, witnesses said. The passengers were conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital.

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