SALEM -- A woman picked as the designated driver for intoxicated passengers struck two Salem police cars early Sunday morning, then was cited by police for DUII.

The two officers had parked their patrol cars about 2:30 a.m., lights flashing, along Liberty Road South near Browning Avenue, according to the Marion County sheriff's office, which investigated the collision.

One of the officers noticed a car coming straight at them and pulled the second one to safety moments before the car struck the rear end of the patrol vehicle. The impact was strong enough to push the first police car into the second.

No one was hurt in the collision.

The driver of the 2003 Ford Focus, Mercede Linn Ogan, 26, of Salem, told police she was the designated driver for two passengers, who police said appeared to be highly intoxicated. Further investigation led police to believe that Ogan was also too drunk to drive.

She was accused of four counts of reckless endangering another and for DUII. She had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit of .08.

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