SEATTLE -- The library tower often hosts meetings which are dry and stuffy.

But even the UWBoard of Regents could not ignore the spectacle below them on Thursday afternoon.

This is a great opportunity, said UWPresident Michael Young after he looked down on Red Square.

ESPN's College Gameday starting assembling it's set in the middle of the campus crossroads, and will broadcast live from campus for the first time in history.

The three hour live show is known for it's unscripted banter, live audience, and for being a showcase for the host university. There are 19 cameras, and will likely capture shots from the fountain to the football field. It has never visited campus in twenty years of on location shows.

It means a lot of great advertising and marketing not only for the athletic department program but to showcase our academic side here, said student Chris Denney.

Young knows it is free publicity, that is hard to quantify. ESPN producers say they've heard anecdotal evidence about an increase in donations after the broadcasts.

We had a 15% uptick in our applicants this year, we're a pretty in demand school. But the more people know about the school the better it looks. said Young, adding, They also recognize that Saturday is an important day in the State of Washington. It's the opening day of Duck hunting season.

TheHuskies play the Oregon Ducks at 1 p.m.

His tongue was firmly in cheek, but it is also the opening of the official Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Duck hunting season.

Gameday broadcasts at 6 a.m. Fans are being encouraged to arrive as early as 3 a.m., and breakfast will be provided.

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