PORTLAND More than 400 people have filed police reports about car vandalism in Portland since May and investigators said it doesn t appear to be slowing down.

Police said they re not sure whether the vandalism has been the work of one or many criminals. They also haven t been able to come up with a motive.

Damage has been estimated at more than $100,000 already and investigators said that number is likely higher because not everyone files police reports.

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Police said the cases have stretched across nine different neighborhoods on the east side of Portland. The vandals have been puncturing the side-walls of tires. This makes it impossible to repair the tires, so they must instead be replaced.

Other people have found huge holes cut into their convertible tops.

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One victim, who joined the detective on the case Wednesday, had a message for whoever is to blame.

You re not making a point. You re just being annoying. And why hurt people and why hurt their property -- for what? She asked.

Police do not have any suspect descriptions so they have offered a $1,000 reward with the hope that it will encourage someone to come forward with tips that could break open the case.

Anyone with information that may help investigators was encouraged to call the Portland Police Bureau.


KGWMark Hanrahan contributed to this report.

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