SPRINGFIELD, Ore. The bartender who received a Keno ticket worth $17,500 as a tip last week said receiving the generous gift was beyond her wildest dreams.

Aurora Kephart, a bartender at Conway s Restaurant and Lounge in Springfield, said she often receives lottery tickets from a regular Keno player as tips.

Kephart said the customer, who asked to remain anonymous, usually buys multiple Keno tickets while dining at Conway s.

He holds out the tickets and says, Pick which one you want, Kephart said.

On Oct. 3, she picked two tickets. One was worth $5. The other was worth $17,500.

At first, Kephart tried to give the ticket back to her customer. I said, I m sorry, I can t take it. And he had me sign it and he said, You re the only one who can cash it now.

Restaurant owner George Conway said if anyone deserved the gift, it s Kephart.

Couldn t have happened to a nicer individual, he said. It s really easy, once you talk to her, to see why somebody would want to be so nice to her.

Kephart said she plans to save most of the money and use the rest to buy some furniture.

It just took me off guard, she said. You don t ever expect anything like that. It s fantastic.

Background: Springfield bartender gets $17,500 tip

KEZI Reporter Jessica Debbas contributed to this article.

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