RICKREAL, Ore --- The kids displaced by the fire at the Eola Hills Charter School in Rickreal will be having school Monday and Tuesday next week. Al Christiansen, President of the school board says the group decided it was important to gather the kids together as soon as possible.

The Friday night emergency meeting of the school board did not designate a location, but they re hopeful over the weekend they can find a church that would let them use their space for a few days. As soon as they know what s available, they ll send and email to the school s families and teachers.

Christensen says counselors will be there for the Monday school session to help kids and staff deal with the trauma of seeing their school burn. The Eola Hills Charter School Board will also tour six modular classrooms now unused by the McMinnville School district. They re hopeful they ll be suitable for temporary classrooms so the school can operate.

A donation account has been set up for anyone wanting to help the school. Any US Bank will accept donations for the Eola Hills Charter School Phoenix Account. The charter school will also be looking for school supply donations as soon as they have a place to collect them.

The cause of the Thursday afternoon fire has not been determined, but fire officials say it s not a suspicious fire.

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