PORTLAND -- All non-turf city sports fields in Portland have been closed for the week, due to rain and storm damage.

This includes fields that the public can reserve through permits, according to Portland Parks and Recreation. There are currently about 206 active field permits issued to around 50 adult and youth user groups.

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On Thursday, crews will examine the condition of fields to determine if the closures should be lifted or continue into the weekend, according to PP&R spokesman Mark Ross.

The problem is over-saturation, Ross explained. Even if a field looks okay at a glance, once you start running, you can create dangerous slippery mud spots. If your foot sinks a few inches in a particularly wet spot and gets stuck, you can get really hurt.

Portland Youth Soccer already canceled 129 games last weekend due to the rain. Teams use the fields not only for games but for practice sessions throughout the week.

Across Portland Public Schools, all freshman and J-V soccer games scheduled for Tuesday were canceled.

Storms also also did a number on corn fields. At Kruger Farm, on Sauvie Island, rows of corn in the farm s seasonal corn maze have collapsed. Owner Don Kruger said the maze is still open. He plans to cut a path right through the fallen stocks and have some fun with it.

He s not the only one pressing on. The skate park at Portland s Glenhaven Park was still busy Tuesday. Teams at Madison practiced indoors.

The 7-day forecast for the Portland Metro area was showing that showers were expected to continue through Wednesday night.

The showers will increase again Wednesday afternoon, said KGWMeteorologist Nick Allard. After some fog on Thursday, the skies will clear and it will stay sunny through Saturday even warming to about 70 degrees.

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