PORTLAND -- An antique shop in North Portland packed up and moved out in a matter of hours, and now people who were selling their stuff on consignment tell KGW's Unit 8 they can t find the business or their antiques.

The Heaven s Archives Antiques Shop spent about a year at the location on Lombard Avenue in North Portland. Wenda Aaberg and her daughter took some of their antiques to the shop to make a few bucks.

About $500 worth of stuff, she said.

When Wenda and her daughter went to collect on their antiques, the store was vacant, and all the antiques were gone. Wenda's antique razor, lamps and wall hangings were nowhere to be found. The only thing left was an empty building.

It was full of stuff like a regular shop, and it was emptied over the weekend like the midnight move when people just disappear, Wenda said.

KGW traced the owner of Heavens Archive Antiques to the Celebration Tabernacle church on Denver Avenue.The registered agent for Heaven's Archives Antiques is Elbert Mondaine, who is the senior pastor at Celebration Tabernacle Church.

After checking his business history, KGW found an administrative dissolution in March of 2012, effectively halting any future business.

For Wenda, it was like the shop and her antiques just disappeared.

Didn't even call and he had all the phone numbers and contact information and they didn't even call to say come get your stuff, she said.

So Unit 8 called the pastor, went to the church and waited until someone finally came out to talk to us.

His name is Antjuan Tolbert and he's the manager of Heaven's Archives Antiques. He admitted they closed-up, and moved to Hayden Island. They now sell mostly on-line.

At first, he denied Wenda s claim and then recanted.

Wait, wait, wait. Lamps, razor, wall hangings, I know who it is now, Tolbert said. Anything that was given to me, chances are I still have it or it got sold and I have record of that. I'm just doing a bad job of communicating with people.

And a bad job, he admits, of leaving a number or contact information at the vacant store. Tolbert said anyone who wants their consignment stuff can come to their new location and pick it up.

Oh God yeah. Yeah, and I would love to see them because they're people that were good customers, and I mean I built good relationships with them, he said.

Wenda is skeptical. She believes other people are also missing their items.

The shop was full. It was full of all kinds of antiques and stuff, so there's got to be other people out there that are missing things, she said.

The new shop is located on Hayden Island, and there is an email set-up so people can contact them and retrieve their antiques if they re missing.

The address is

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