PORTLAND -- A big piece of local history slowly made its way across North Portland Tuesday.

The Edwin Rayworth house was moved from North Albina Avenue to a new lot at North Mississippi Avenue and Bryant Street.

The owners, Roy and Kim Fox, moved the house to save it from demolition. The house was moved extremely slowly and the route included a couple of freeway overpasses.

Pacific Power temporarily cut power to 60 homes throughout the morning, about five homes at a time, as power lines were moved out of the path of the home.

After a long permitting process full of snags along the way, the owners ended up paying a $10,000 fee for the move and they took care of the planning themselves.

Roy Fox said he was nervously awaiting Tuesday's move.

It's been real nervous-making, to be real candid about it, he said. To see it really moving -- that was a great relief.

Roy and Kim Fox said they plan to fix up the home and eventually sell it or let their grown children live in it. Either way, the Foxes expect the house to stand for a long time.

Background: Agreement reached on moving historic Rayworth house

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