WEST LINN, Ore. -- Two police officers dressed in 1913 constable costumes for a West Linn centennial celebration had to convince a DUII suspect they were real police when they really pulled him over Saturday night.

As first reported in The Oregonian, the officers were on foot patrol during the Willamette Living History Tour and were wearing the bobby costumes to blend in with actors staging a reenactment in the Willamette Historic District.

The police and actors gathered around a Model T and a 1913 Overland noticed an erratic driver approaching and the officers yelled at him to stop, said Mike Francis of the West Linn Police Department.

The driver stopped, but wasn't convinced they were actual police officers, so he took off again. They yelled again to reiterate that the traffic stop was real.

When the driver, 65-year-old Dennis K. McCleery of West Linn, pulled over again, one of the officers smelled alcohol on his breath, Francis said. Backup officers, in their 2013 uniforms, responded to the scene and arrested McCleery for DUII.

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