PORTLAND -- The RV industry took a sharp turn for the worse during the recession, but it s building back now, partly due to boomers preparing for retirement.

During the Great Recession, RV shipments dropped more than 30 percent in 2008 and 2009. Then, in 2012, the turnaround began and sales started to creep up.

Dub Box USA, based in Oregon City, and American Dream in Fairview have been trying to appeal to these new RV customers with a special niche.

Dub Box started producing a replica of a design from the U.K. which is a small RV. They have only been in production since January but sales through word-of-mouth have kept their six employees very busy.

The Portland Pilots, the University of Portland's soccer team, will be enjoying food from the Grub Dub, one of the RVs made by Dub Box. There's also a camper version.

All of the Dub Box campers are custom made with about 90 percent of materials sourced locally.

I thought we would do many -- one or two a month -- and the interest was so, so remarkable to kind of take it into production, said Heather Gardella with Dub Box USA.

The American Dream trailer was the vision of entrepreneurs Paul and Tyla Dahlman. They built a new version of the trailer-boat, which was made famous the 60s. Seven have sold so far and production continues.

The nationwide RV Association said that travel trailers made up about 63 percent of all RV sales in July.

The Dub Box and American Dream vehicles are among the many on display at this year s Portland RV and Van Show, which runs Thursday through Sunday at the Expo Center.

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