VANCOUVER -- Police were looking for five suspects, four young women and a young man reportedly from Portland, after liquor was stolen from a Vancouver Safeway.

About 11:40 p.m. Monday, the five entered the store and grabbed bottles off a shelf at the store at East Mill Plain Boulevard and North Andresen Road, said Sgt. Jay Alie of the Vancouver police.

When confronted by store employees, one of the women flashed and activated a hand-held Tazer. All five then fled to a waiting car and sped away, Alie said.

The getaway car was later found and its owner was interviewed, Alie said. The suspects were all thought to be from Portland.

Of the five suspects, some were more involved in the theft than others, Alie said. Any of the five wishing to come forward and clarify their involvement would be appreciated, he said.

According to Kim Kapp, a spokeswoman for the Vancouver police, adding liquor to grocery stores makes it more accessible to thieves.

Alcohol has always been an item that's stolen - beer and wine, before spirits were available in grocery stores, Kapp said. But now spirits are more highly available and accessible, because more retailers carry it.

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