PORTLAND Macheezmo Mouse is making a comeback in the Portland Metro area 10 years after the franchise closed.

The popular Mexican restaurant first opened in 1981 and grew to 23 locations. The franchise closed down in 2003, just a few years after founder William Warren died in a plane crash.

Since 2011, former employees Jeff and Danell Burlingame have been thinking about reopening a Macheezmo Mouse restaurant. And now they have picked a location and say they hope to open by March, 2014.

Macheezmo Mouse was the sweet spot, Jeff Burlingame told KGW. Service, food, the concept, there's not a place like that. We think there are other people out there like us who feel the same way.

The Burlingames used social media to test the interest level, and the reaction on Facebook and Twitter has been very supportive.

They said launching the new venture will take close to $1 million, some of which they are crowdsourcing on indiegogo.com.

They plan to open the first new location where a Hollywood Video once stood in the Beaverton Town Center.

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