PORTLAND -- Nearly a thousand people are dead after four days of unrest in Egypt, which has been called one of the bloodiest weeks in the country's history.

To show their solidarity, about a hundred people in Portland turned out for a silent protest at Director Park in Southwest Portland.

Samy Nada had two friends who were killed during the recent violence. He says there is so much fear among the people living there now.

On Sunday, Nada and other Egyptian expats, many of them families and children, said they want to see democracy play out. They said the bloodshed needs to stop and Americans should take a stand.

They're deeply concerned about family and friends back in Egypt.

We don't want Al Qaida or any other terrorism groups to find ground for them to be able to raise more support. Nobody in the world wants that, Nada said.

He said he hopes the international community will get involved and let people protest peacefully.

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