PORTLAND -- The sidewalk sweeps in Portland will continue said mayor Charlie Hales as he detail further plans aimed at keeping people from camping long-term on city streets at a news conference Thursday.

Hales said what isn't OK in front of City Hall is not OK anywhere other people need to use sidewalks and go about their business in the city.

Hales said the sidewalk sweep is not about homelessness, but about lawlessness.

When people set up long-term camps, particularly in large groups in high density parts of the city, it is against the law.

On Wednesday, police made five arrests as part of the crackdown and Hales said it will continue as needed.

Were not interested in chasing people around but we are interested in maintaining a level of civility on the streets, Hales said.

The arrests we ve made the last couple of days- the records reflect days and days of conversations days and days of warnings, said Bob Day with the Portland Police Bureau.

On Thursday police moved people out of Terry Shrunk Plaza across from City Hall so groundskeepers could work.

No one was arrested Thursday, but if people set up long term camps deemed to be in the way, arrests will follow the warnings.


KGW reporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report.

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