PORTLAND -- A single mother s cargo bike was stolen from Southeast Portland Saturday night and she released surveillance video to help track it down.

The bicycle is Tanya Barham s only means of transportation.

Video from the Multnomah County Building on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard shows two men milling around her bike at about the same time it was swiped at 8:30 p.m.

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The Christiania Cargo Trike was imported from Denmark and Barham has had it for years. It has a front cargo area attached, but it's missing its bicycle seat.

She said she and her daughter use it every day.

Everything that I do, whether it's shopping, whether it's taking her to school, whether it's getting to work, it's all on the bike, Barham said.

She posted the photos on, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist. Anyone with information about the bike was asked to call Portland police.

According to, the cargo trike was also stolen in October, 2012, and two men chased down the thief to recover it.

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