PORTLAND -- Power was knocked out to PGEcustomers in Northwest Portland after a truck took out power poles at 14th and Marshall just after 11 Tuesday morning.

Witnesses said it looked like a chemical truck was trying to pull out of the way of a tanker truck when it clipped a guide line that was connected to a power pole. After that, poles started falling like dominoes.

The chemical truck ended up with utility lines draping it. Part of a power pole also smashed onto a parked car.

Photos:Power poles come smashing down

Misty Stuker was working in her Pearl District office nearby and said a co-worker suddenly shouted Move! Go! because it looked like one of the poles was going to smash through their windows.

Stuker jumped out of her seat and started running.

My desk is right inside the window, about two feet away from where the transformer hit the ground, she said. I honestly thought I was going to have an explosion behind me because of that big transformer. So scary!

No one was injured in the building or on the ground. The smashed car reportedly belonged to a woman who was working out at a health club nearby.

Crews arrived to find a tanker truck, a chemical truck and two smaller vehicles draped in power lines and one vehicle completely crushed by a transformer, said Lt. Rich Chatman with Portland Fire &Rescue. Once crews identified that there were no injured or trapped victims in the area, they shut down pedestrian, vehicle and light rail traffic to prevent any contact with the power lines.

PGE said about 240 customers lost power in the area, including Bridgeport Brewing and LAFitness. Authorities said they expect to have power restored by Tuesday evening.

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