PORTLAND While it may not be his dream job, one Southeast Portland convenience store clerk is making the most of it.

Welcome to my world. Won't you come on in? James Walters sings as a customer enters the Plaid Pantry at 104th and Holgate.

As he rings up another, he sings, Apple Danish, apple Danish. Berries and cheese times two. Will that be everything for you?

Walters is known by regular customers as The Singing Clerk. For the past three years he's been singing, humming and dancing for his customers.

I think he has the best customer service I've ever seen, one customer tells KGW.

Walters says he started out on the graveyard shift and the self-made music helped him pass the time.

It's kind of how I relaxed and slipped into the position, he says. And now it s a position he's fully embraced. He wants to be the friendliest Plaid Pantry employee in Portland, though some customers might initially be startled by his approach.

He was singing the first time when I came in and I thought that was kind of weird, one customer says. But now I just think he's awesome.

And the lucky 7-2 for you, Walters sings, and there you go, good luck. Have a wonderful day.


KGWReporter Collette Wieland contributed to this report.

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