PORTLAND -- Does a $600 pair of Patagonia ski pants sound too expensive for you? How does a $100 pair sound?

Those are the kinds of savings folks are finding at the Portland Patagonia store these days.

The location was the first in the company to start selling gently used clothing.

It's called the Worn Wear program, and it's another way Patagonia is trying to show its concern for the environment.

People can come in and trade in really well-taken-care-of, used Patagonia clothes, explained store associate Brad Davidson.

In exchange for your old Patagonia jackets, shells and pants you'll get store credit.

Anywhere from $25 up to $100, Davidson said.

The clothes are then cleaned and put back on the racks.

Since the program began, the store has sold more than 800 used items.

It's been so successful the company is now expanding it to stores in eight other cities across the country.

So how much can you save?

What we've bought here, underlays, coats, I don t know exactly, but it s probably a couple thousand at least that we've saved, said shopper Lywelyn Loomis.

The store says the older the item, the better.

The biggest sellers are the retro items. If it's '80s day-glow, it's sold in a day.

But the store stresses it only takes clothes that are in good shape.

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