SALEM -- The Oregon Employment Department website was restored Tuesday after an outage left its online systems unavailable since Monday evening.

According to the website, payments should only be delayed one day. iMatchSkills and the online claims system were also back online.

The outage meant that people were not able tofile their unemployment claims online or in person, the department announced Tuesday.

Brent Runyan receives unemployment benefits and usually receives his checks on Tuesday in the mail.

I was expecting it this morning and I checked, said Runyan. It wasn't there.

$18 million in unemployment claims benefits were unpaid Monday night, affecting 63,000 people. Those people would have received their benefits through direct deposit Monday night or a check in the mail Tuesday.

We understand that people are counting on that money and they're out of work. They need that money to put food on the table, said Tom Fuller, spokesman for the Oregon Employment Department. We very much understand that, so we ask them to be patient.

The vendor Hitachi was doing a routine upgrade to the state data center when a connectivity issue caused the system to go down, said Matt Shelby, spokesman for the Oregon Department for Administrative Services.

Hitachi worked overnight to fix the problem.All state agency websites were affected, but no data was lost.

The outage started at 7 p.m. Monday and continued into Tuesday. Shelby said the system was restored and should be functioning normally by Tuesday.

During the outage, all online services were unavailable, including:

  • iMatchSkills
  • Online claims
  • Call centers
  • External email

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