PORTLAND -- Dozens of people staged a protest at Portland s Mt. Tabor Park overnight Monday because they don t want to see the reservoirs closed or capped.

It's unnecessary, it's corrupt. We'll continue to come up with actions to keep fighting this, protester Jessie Sponberg told KGW.

Police asked the demonstrators to leave after the park closed but some refused. Four protesters were arrested just after midnight, including one person whom officers dragged off the grass. Jonilka Calcano, 21; Pablo Mark Avvacato, 19; Joanna Michal Nordness, 30; and Robert Ziggy Walker, 20, were accused of criminal trespassing. Avvacato, Nordness and Walker were also charged with interfering with a peace officer.

The protesters, who described themselves as part of the Occupy movement, said they were upset that city leaders stopped fighting the federal requirements to either cap or close Portland's open-air reservoirs.

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Last Friday, three men were arrested during what they called an Occupy protest at the park.

One of those men was arrested for posting signs in the ground and in a tree, another was arrested for pitching a tent, and the third refused to leave after the park closed, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau.

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Last Wednesday, protesters banged on pots and pans outside of Portland's City Hall in an effort to make their message about the Mt. Tabor reservoir heard.

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