PORTLAND -- There was a line out the door of the Oregon Humane Society Friday full of people wanting to take home a shih tzu.

The dogs were surrendered to the Oregon Humane Society after a breeder had40 dogs and said she felt overwhelmed.

She agreed to give 25 of the pets to OHS and 15 were ready for adoption Friday. The dogs are very social and mostly males, ranging fromone to eightyears old, according to OHS spokeswoman Barbara Baugnon.

Volunteers brought eager adopters in small groups into OHS to meet the sweet pups. A lot of the dogs had to be shaved because their hair was so matted. That didn't seem to bother anyone because after a few minutes, many of the dogs were promised a new and loving home.

Eight of the dogs are still undergoing medical exams, but OHS said they should be available for adoption soon.

Each dog, in addition to being spayed or neutered, comes with initial vaccinations, a free medical exam, and many other extras. They were also each given a bath and a haircut.

The breeder was receptive to an offer by OHS to help to find permanent, adopted homes for the animals, Baugnon said. OHS is working with the Sherman County Sheriff's Office and Home at Last, an animal shelter in the Dalles.

Baugnon recommended that potential adopters view the photos and information about each dog on the OHS Rescued Pets Web page before arriving at the shelter.

OHS will provide a complete medical consultation to make sure new adopters are familiar with the needs of the dogs, which range in age from six months to six years old.

The OHS shelter is located at 1067 NE Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97211. The shelter is open 10 am - 9 pm Thursday through Saturday; 10 am 7 pm Sunday through Wednesday.

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