SITKA, Alaska -- A record-size rockfish caught near Sitka is not nearly as old as first estimated.

The Sitka Sentinel reports the 39.08-pound, 41-inch long shortraker rockfish caught June 15 by Henry Liebman of Seattle broke the old weight record by nearly .4 pounds.

The oldest rockfish caught in Alaska was a 205-year-old rougheye and Department of Fish and Game area fisheries manager Troy Tydingco estimated Liebman's shortraker might have also been in that age range.

However, testing has put the age of Liebman's fish at 64 years old.

Age can be determined by counting rings in an ear bone called an otolith. Tydingco says that estimating age can be difficult once rockfish reach a certain length and age.

He says Liebman's fish was just a really good grower.

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