SALEM-- More than a 100 members of Salem's First Baptist Church bowed their heads and opened their hearts Tuesday night to an hour-long prayer service.

We're not gathering to simply comfort our grieving hearts, we want to gather tonight to speak to God and ask God on behalf of Kinley, for his life and that God would spare it, said lead pastor, Mark Hanke.

Searchers looking for Kinley Adams, 59, was last seen when he set out to summit the mountain Friday.

His family released photos late Tuesday and asked for help from anyone who may have seen him.

Adams was expected back home around 3 p.m. Saturday and his family called police when they still hadn t seen him by 9 p.m.

Searchers set out Sunday morning and reached the summit, but could not find him.

They resumed the search again Monday and Tuesday. But each day near white-out conditions prevented them from reaching higher elevations.

He can take a lot of misery, Kinley s wife Lorraine said Tuesday afternoon. I worry that it s been a long time and it s cold and wet, but I m pretty confident he can handle it.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office released a photo collage (above) that shows some of the gear Kinley took with him when he set out for the climb.

Anyone who may have seen him while climbing Saturday was asked to call the sheriff's office at (503) 723-4949 or submit a tip here.

Searchers reached the summit of Mt. Hood Sunday but were turned back Monday and Tuesday by stormy weather without finding any trace of Adams.

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