PORTLAND -- Starting Friday night, Portland police beefed up patrols near an after-hours club on Northeast 82nd Avenue.

The increased patrols come after two shootings last weekend that happened within a matter of hours. Neighbors and police believe the shootings were connected to the after-hours club.

Now that another weekend is upon us, another weekend of sleepless nights are expected for neighbors.

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Ed Dobbins and his family have lived near Northeast 83rd Avenue and Northeast Klickitat Street for more than a decade.

(It is a) quiet residential neighborhood, families and kids, quiet place to live, never any problems, Dobbins said.

It was up until a few weeks ago at least. Since then, the Dobbins have seen a lot of late night trouble. They say a building that houses an after-hours club is bringing a violent crowd to their neighborhood.

It's basically right over the wall, right there, Dobbins said. The people are already half crocked and they're coming here, walking through the neighborhood and parking lot, fights, loud talking, peel outs at 2 to 2:30 in the morning.

Just last weekend, there were two shootings where the bullets came dangerously close to a home.

The shooting that happened last weekend could've been our house. If they were one more up it would've been us, Dobbins said. My daughter is afraid to sleep in her room right now because of it on weekends. She wants to sleep upstairs in our room.

The Dobbins' fears aren't falling on deaf ears. Authorities know about the activities inside this non-descript, boarded up building.

East precinct officers and gang enforcement officers are aware of it now and will be spending time in the area if necessary. What we encourage residents to do is if there are any problems to call police, said Sgt. Pete Simpson with Portland police.

The Dobbins plan to do just that if they see any signs of trouble, but they hope every weekend won't be spent policing their neighborhood.

I'm hoping this place goes away. It doesn't belong in a residential neighborhood, Dobbins said.

We're told the owner of the club was given a 30-day notice of eviction.

Earlier this week he agreed to an interview. KGW called him and left several messages Friday but got no response.

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