TUALATIN, Ore. --- Obie the formerly-obese dachshund was recovering at the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin Tuesday night after surgery to remove more than two pounds of loose skin. The skin was what remained of the 40 pounds he had lost in eight months of a serious weight loss diet.

Owner Nora Vanatta said the surgery went well. She hoped to bring him home Wednesday after an overnight stay at the clinic for surgery aftercare.

Obie started his weight loss journey at 77 pounds. Before the Tuesday surgery, he weighed 37 pounds, four ounces.

We haven't weighed him since the surgery, but he lost 2-1/2 pounds of skin, Nora said. So he should be around 35 pounds now. I figure his healthy weight is between 28 and 30 pounds.

Many people across the country have been following the red dachshund's battle of the bulge after he was surrendered to a rescue group by owners that could not longer keep him. Nora created a Facebook page for Obie called Biggest Loser Doxie Edition.

Obie has gone from what looked like a waddling tube of a dog, with his body dragging on the ground, to a doxie with four inch legs and daylight under his body. Tuesday's skin surgery will improve that even more, and Nora said she hopes it will be the only surgery he needs. Doctors will evaluate Obie after he loses the last five pounds, which hopefully will happen by late summer.

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