TUALATIN, Ore. -- Police are investigating a string of three burglaries in which the crooks broke into one business and then tunneled between walls and over ceilings to reach others.

In the most recent case, burglars late Monday night or early Tuesday morning broke into a vacant storefront at Tualatin's Martinazzi Square Shopping Center. Then they knocked holes in the walls or removed ceiling tiles and climbed through the rafters. In all, six businesses were burglarized.

The Tualatin Pharmacy took the biggest hit, with nearly 1000 bottles of medicine stolen, valued at $40,000.

They took everything, they took prenatal vitamins, they took birth control pills, they took all the narcotics, ritalins, oxys, that sort of stuff, said owner Patrick Bowman. They are very opportunistic leeches. These people need to be in jail. They are ruining our neighborhoods, because these drugs end up in somebody else's neighborhood.

Bowman was not just worried about restocking the shelves. He said he was also concerned for patients that rely on him for insulin or cancer treatment drugs.

A similar burglary happened in Portland on April 12, when three adjacent businesses were hit near Southwest Barbur Boulevard and Huber Street.

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On April 23, three rifles were stolen from a Damascus Bi-Mart when someone broke in through the roof.

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Investigators did not know if the burglaries were connected.


KGWreporters Ashley Korslien and Kyle Iboshi contributed to this report.

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