VANCOUVER -- Firefighters were working to put out hot spots at a duplex that caught on fire Saturday afternoon in Vancouver.

The home in the 2700 block of Northeast 85th Avenue caught fire around 2:45 p.m., and crews eventually brought in a bulldozer to level it.

In February, several neighbors called KGW to complain about the duplex that has been boarded up and vacant for months.

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Firefighters said two kids broke in and started the fire.

They went in. It was dark. They used a lighter to see, found a candle, lit the candle, started playing with papers, buning papers and things like that, said Deputy Fire Marshall Chad Lawry with Vancouver Fire.

The boys were quickly identified by poice. Firefighters said the boys are minors and will be referred to the Juvenile Fire Center Interventin Program and could face criminal charges.

Richard Andrews lives directly behind the duplex. He works nights and was sound asleep when the fire started. He woke up and thought his house was on fire.

He grabbed a hose and started spraying his bushes to prevent the flames from jumping to his property.

There's always something going on over there... (It s) better that it's knocked down and cleaned up, Andrews said.

Fire crews said this was the second fire at the property. Vancouver police said they're very familiar with calls here.

It was a foreclosed home that has sat vacant for months. A woman who said she owns the home did not want to go on-camera, but said the bank took it from her and she's been working to get it back ever since.

KGW reporter Erica Heartquist contributed to this report.

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