PORTLAND The debate over fluoridated water in Portland has been a hot topic ahead of the vote on the issue in May.

On Friday, some pro-fluoride advocates said their lawn signs were stolen. One couple emailed KGW to say Thursday evening they'd gone for a walk in their Irvington neighborhood and returned to find all the signs gone from their street.

Some were found nearby in a dumpster.

Healthy kids, Healthy Portland put out a Facebook page warning, saying it appeared to be an organized effort to steal signs.

Kim Kaminski of Clean Water Portland said the anti-fluoride campaign doesn t condone stealing - and they were taking some sign abuse, too.

We don t all have to agree, but it s my First Amendment right to say what I want to say, theft victim Victoria Elliott-Brase said.

Ballots for that election go out Friday.

KGWReporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report

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