PORTLAND -- Ballots will go out to Portland voters in May, and on Last Thursday on Northeast Alberta, the group against fluoridation made a lot of noise.

People have very strong opinions about fluoride. The concern on Thursday from the anti-fluoride group was that there is much less awareness about the upcoming vote.

It is a uniquely Portland controversy because the Rose City is the biggest city in the US without fluoridation.

Once we said March, we thought march forth and once you get them involved you get this, said one participant in the march.

If people need fluoride in their teeth they can have it in our tooth paste. Why literally force it down our throats by putting it in our drinking water?, said another.

Of course, the pro-fluoride arguments haven't changed either. They point to decades of success in other major cities and the CDC's unequivocal fluoridation support. But they don't have a horn section. That was the difference Thursday.

The anti-fluoride contingent were aware people care about the issue.

I think that this is the most controversial subject ever brought up on an off election, said Zia McCabe and anti-fluoride march organizer.

Others are also aware that there is nothing else big on the ballot. And so, they brought on the band and planted this seed.

Both sides of the issue claim science is on their side. In addition to the Centers for Disease Control, the American Medical Association, the World Health Organization, and the American Dental Association stand by fluoridation.

Will you? We'll find out May 21st.

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