PORTLAND - Islabikes is named for its founder - a world class cyclist. And she was named after the island of Isla in the British Isles.

The company is just seven years old and what started as a joke about setting up a U.S. headquarters is now a reality.

Portland was the first pick because of its bike-friendly atmosphere. This will also be the main distribution hub for the rest of the country. The specialty bike company is aimed at children, from toddlers to pre-teens.

All the bikes are lightweight, but designed for heavy duty. More: Islabikes on Facebook.

We visited a few other cities around Oregon (that) were lovely as well, but there was something about Portland, the bicycle-friendly culture goes without saying, a really friendly community that just opened its arms for us, president Tim Goodall said.

The smallest bike weighs just 7.7 pounds.

The headquarters on Southeast 7th will also serve as the first storefront for the company in the country.

Prices start at $189.99 and range up to $700.

KGWBusiness ReporterJoe Smith contributed to this report

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