PORTLAND -- A federal lawsuit says the city of Portland should fire a policeman who mistook lethal shotgun rounds for beanbag rounds, seriously wounding an unarmed, clearly mentally ill man.

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Officer Dane Reister fired the rounds June 30, 2011, wounding Kyle Monroe, who continues to suffer debilitating effect to today, according to the suit first reported by the Oregonian.

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The suit asks for Reister to be fired and outlines a litany of instances and causes that city officials have ignored to date that are cause of dismissal, a violation of Monroe's civil rights. It also asks for $11 million in damages.

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A grand jury earlier concluded that Reister should be charged with second and third-degree assault. He was later also charged with negligent wounding. The case remains pending. Reister has been on paid leave since the shooting, the lawsuit said.

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