GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. A woman who survived being stranded for nearly a week on Mt. Hood found out after her rescue that nobody knew she was missing.

Mary Owen said she thought that by filling out a climber's registration form, someone would know if she failed to return home in time. But that was not the case.

It s not a trigger for a rescue, explained Steve Rollins with Portland Mountain Rescue. That s why it s critical that you always tell somebody where you re going, when you re going to be back and what to do if you don t return. And in this case we really didn t know where to look for her.

Rollins said he was as happy as everyone else that Owen survived her ordeal, but she should have told others she was climbing alone. And Owen acknowledged she could have done better letting someone know what her specific plans were.

Background: Mary Owen details week-long survival on Mt. Hood

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