Chris Hansen knows it s hard to get people out from behind their HDTVs to attend a game that s why his team isn t building just any old arena.

In the latest renderings for the interior bowl of the arena, Hansen s investment team unveiled themes for each ring of the arena s upper deck stacked balconies.

PHOTOS: Seattle Arena 'Sonics Rings' Balconies unveiled

The balconies, which he dubbed Sonic Rings in a post releasing the first interior renderings earlier this month, will cater to game-goers of all types. Themes range from a sports bar environment and areas for super fans with few distractions, to family-centered areas for young fans who have a hard time sitting for two hours.

The idea behind the themed rings is to create a unique game watching experience that combines a fun, social environment with stellar viewing angles not offered in any other arena upper deck, Hansen wrote in post with the new renderings Friday.

In the post, Hansen also gave a deeper explanation of the function of the Sonic Rings.

The design of the three stacked balconies allows each ring to be opened and closed separately, so capacity can be added as needed and empty space hidden to create a more intimate feel.

Each ring will have about 800 to 900 fixed seats, with drinking rails and standing room behind them to accommodate another 700 to 1,500 patrons per level.

Although Hansen s team hasn t sealed the sale to bring the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, it s moving forward with plans and has asked people to sign up for a ticket priority waitlist. The waitlist, which will close at 1 p.m. April 1, will likely be used as a selling point to get NBA owners to approve the sale.
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